Eggshell remedies

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Use organic eggshell Take for free, collect in eggshells about 2 dozen then put to boil to kill microbes, toxic things after boiling for 5-7 minutes, put in oven for 8-10 minutes then take it out from the oven I put it in a blender or a coffee grinder to sprinkle the heart … 1 teaspoon has 800 to 1000 mg use it in dough in bread dough as you want to enjoy. Remember that the egg shell can be used for many things, it is an excellent source of calcium, but -obviously- although it is edible, its consumption requires complex methods that allow it to be ingested without risk of gastrointestinal damage. An example of shell ingestion is found in pickled eggs, where vinegar (acidic pH) softens the shell during storage. Another possibility is to subject the skin to the action of citric acid (lemon juice) for a few hours, the resulting milky liquid can be ingested, resulting in an important source of calcium replacement in deficiency diseases such as osteomalacia and rickets, also in demineralization such as osteoporosis. Taking into account that the minimum dose is one gram a day, a peel provides around 6.5 grams of this mineral.

Wash the egg or just the shell. … Grind the shell. Place the ground eggshell in a glass or bowl with lemon. Let stand for at least 2 hours. Filter through a very fine strainer, where a particle will be retained as a gelatinous medium, which corresponds to the inner layer of the egg shell.

Biologically, the shell is a tertiary coating of the ovule, obtained (like the target) during its passage through the oviduct. How to eat eggshells can reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

This means that ground eggshells can be a great alternative to calcium supplements that doctors recommend for many people, men and women, when aging begins its natural, but preventable, process of leaching calcium from the bones. .