Nanobots made to fight the cancer

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Nanorobots are systems designed to perform specific tasks in dimensions on the nanometer scale (one billionth of a meter). This great technological innovation by the Catalan Samuel Sanchez (1980-) was thought of as a cure for cancer. Thanks to this technological innovation, Samuel Sanchez was chosen in 2014 as the Best Innovator of the Year under 35 years old in the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) magazine.

Nanotechnology has advanced enough so that today, in addition to administering drugs, DNA nanorobots can identify tumors within the body and discharge the dose of thrombin so that they can no longer feed and die.

These nanorobots move by themselves, react to stimuli, and are 5,000 times smaller than the tip of a needle. Certainly a surprising technological innovation after the invention of the vaccine in 1796.