Why doctors advice to eat vegetables here you have some tips


A diet consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables is a proactive way to prevent chronic disease, like certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes. However, are you aware of doctors writing “prescriptions” for overweight patients or those with chronic diseases to eat more fresh produce? According to an article by Freshplaza, U.S. Program Prescribes Fruit & Veg to Patients with Chronic Disease , prescriptions can be redeemed at local farmer’s markets in an attempt to “increase fruit and vegetable consumption while improving health among patients with lower incomes.”

In fact, doctors have taken the idea a step further to include those patients who are in danger of chronic disease due to their weight. A 10 week preventative program called the FLAVORx vegetable prescription pilot was rolled out in 2016 in South Yarmouth, MA. This pilot program used fresh produce in place of pills, as patients took their prescriptions to farmer’s markets for a $30 redemption in fruit and vegetables per week. According to an article entitled, Fruit and Veggie Prescription Pilot Yields Benefits , Chronic disease places a huge burden on the patients we see… 86 cents of the health care dollar is spent on treating chronic disease, and dietary factors are prime contributors to illnesses ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

The patients who took part in the FLAVORx program saw success with reduction in body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and cholesterol levels. The program is garnering attention and plans to expand as organizers search for funding.

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Care with homemade or natural products are effective but you must bear in mind that you will not have immediate results. Any questions, remember that it is better to consult with your trusted doctor.

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